1: Welcome to the Apple Hunter

Hello there.

My name is Ben Wilkoff and I am the Apple Hunter.

Each week on this show I bring you the best new apps from the Apple ecosystem as they are submitted to the website, Product Hunt.

I will help you to know which apps are worth keeping on your devices, as well as which ones to avoid.

There are two reasons for this show to exist.

First, I love apps. I love downloading them, trying them out, and seeing how they fit into my daily life. And two, app discovery has gotten overly difficult for those who want to see what is on the cutting edge of Apple’s platforms.

While the emphasis on editorial content on Apple’s app stores is a welcome addition, it cannot replace the excitement of being among the first people to try something new.

In particular, new Mac apps have always been hard to discover, and I want to use this show to share just how creative and beautiful the app ecosystem is across all of Apple’s devices.

So, join me each week to see what the Apple Hunter is up to and see if you might want to come on the hunt too!